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I am writing this letter to voice my wife and I’s frustrations we have had with your Cranberry twp, PA location. We are expecting our first born child in March and we shopped around several stores to find the right fit for nursery furniture and registry items. We decided on Babies R Us because of the variety your store has. Unfortunately this was the absolute worst decision we could have made. Since the first night we stepped foot in the store it’s been a horrible experience.

#1 –The night we ordered over $2,000 worth of nursery furniture was probably the worst mental and physical experience my wife and I have ever experienced. We knew exactly what we wanted – Baby Cache white crib, dresser, long dresser, glider, and ottoman. We approached a girl and explained what we wanted to order – she had a horrible attitude the entire time we were waited on we felt uncomfortable and belittled the entire time. We took our order to the front cashier to finalize the order and she said the girl in the back did it incorrectly and to go back and have her re-do the transaction. We went back and she did the order over again so we went back up front and once again that said she keyed in the information incorrectly and to go back again. By this time we are going on 2 hours of placing our order for the 3rd time. She finally gets the order correct and we had back to the front cashier where we stand for another hour waiting for them to apply us for the interest free Babies R Us Card, Reward Card, and a free gift card promo. They ran my wife’s credit and said she wasn’t approved so they ran my credit and I was approved….2 seconds later they apologized and said my wife was approved as well so now we EACH had Babies R Us Cards opened up in our name. They said there was nothing they could do at this point and one of us would have to cancel at a later date. We get home and I had a feeling they didn’t do the credit card correctly so I called the customer service number, I learned that we were not signed up for the interest free offer at all! They ended up calling me back and apologizing and putting the promo on our account.

#2 – We get a call stating some of our furniture was in stock. We go to the store and pick-up the 2 dressers and everything went smooth. We got back to the house and unpacked the dressers and inspected the items and learned that the tall dresser had RED paint marks on one of the drawers. This was not caused by me – I own a tan truck, I have no red anywhere that would have touched this dresser. On the long dresser the one drawer doesn’t close correctly and it sounds like a loud spring is about to bust when you shut the drawer. When I called Babies R Us and spoke to a manager about this she said when the furniture leaves there store there is nothing more they can do and it’s our ownership and responsibility at that point.

$3 – We get a call stating the last portion of our furniture has arrived – The glider and ottoman! I drove to the store and picked up the items – we get the items back to the house – carry them up 2 flights of stairs and *** the packaging. They looked great except for one thing. The ottoman and the glider did not match! The ottoman was the correct “Grey” color we ordered and the Glider was a “TAN” color. We called and the delivery kid said “yeah I noticed they were different colors but I thought you wanted them that way. A manager named Christy said she would expedite a new glider to us and would call us when it came in. We got the call today a few weeks before our baby is set to arrive and they told us we would have to bring back the tan glider to the store and exchange it for the new one. So this means I have to carry the wrong glider back down 2 flights of stairs, load it back into my truck, drive back to babies r us and waste more gas. Pick up my new glider carry it back up 2 flights of stairs and hope and pray it’s the right color.

ALL OF THESE BAD, HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE EXPERIENCES AND ALL YOUR MANAGER COULD DO FOR US IS OFFER US A $50 IN STORE CREDIT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I AM VERY UNSATISFIED WITH THE WAY WE HAVE BEEN TREATED AND I FEEL THAT SOMETHING MORE THAN A $50 STORE CREDIT NEEDS TO HAPPEN HERE! I work in sales and customer service for a living and my job thrives on how my customers are treated and the experience they have and this is the absolute worst thing my wife and I have ever been through in purchasing something.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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You should have opened the boxes at the store to make sure the items were correct. It would have saved you a good bit of hassle.

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