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I visited Toys R Us to purchase items advertised on sale in their add buy one get one 50% off. It took me less than 5 minutes to shop.

One hour to check out. Out of the 18 registers they had only one was open. I stood in line behind 7 people. THEN my items rung up at the wrong price and I had to go get the sign off the shelf to PROVE the correct price.

THEN they had computer problems and I could not get a gift reciept. The worse was after leaving Toys R Us I found out that they had not bagged two of my items. I had to make a separate trip back to the store. The manager told me to go check the parking lot and made me feel like I was trying to pull a scam and get some free stuff.

I found the two items at the register I was checked out at. The cashier had failed to give me the items.

WOW...Poor experience...5 minutes to shop 1 hour to check out 30 minutes to make a separate trip back to correct their mistake . I will NEVER SPEND MONEY AT TOYS R US AGAIN.

Review about: Toys R Us Manager.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I ordered a Journey Girls Kyla doll 5 times! I know, pretty pathetic.

The one pictured on their website, shown as available, had boots, a cute pink tiered skirt, denim jacket & gray sweater. I kept receiving a Journey Girls Kyla doll wearing a white hat, silver sweater, black leggings & white boots. I was soooo desperate for what I wanted, I ordered the same thing, unknowingly 5 times. The last time I ordered, I went thru eBay (for ToysRus).

I got the same mistake there too. The doll is too cute and the outfit is just adorable. Call customer service each time, ended up with really nice, but not helpful, cust service reps.

I got the sense that they knew they couldn't help and sympathized. The whole deal is a MESS.


This is all i have to say. WORK one week in retail especially a store like TRU. Then come back and let me know how it went.

When you have to deal with ignorant, demanding, lazy, good for nothing people everyday it gets a little tiring and most people start to not care. The return policy has not changed barely at all in 20 years. Now, what has changed is the strictness. If a store wants to obide by its policy then they can. The reason why is cause people steal, commit fraud, and what not and on top of that they are RETAIL, NOT the manufacture. So they have no responsibility behind whether or not you like the product, if it works, or whatever. If its that big of a problem, then call the manufacturer (those are the people that develop and produce the product) for those ignorant people out there.

So, get your *** straight before you start complaining. YOu need to understand why things are and why they work.


I agree, most of my friends have bad experiences at Toyrus. They need a real shakeup. Poor customer service, poor return policy, not a way to keep customers.

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