Long Pond, Pennsylvania
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Its December 1st and I've Been sitting here waiting for Toys R Us to bring me my stuff from layaway for 2 hours!! People has come and gone with their layaways but I'm still here!

I'll never shop at another toys r us again. This was my first AND LAST time ever coming here!! Worst customer service I've ever received! This is how you treat Sailors trying to take care of their families after not seeing them for almost nine months??

Y'all got to do better! I work in a supply room for the Navy and if somebody's stuff came up missing that would be my ***!

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The worst customer service. Not only they keep you waiting to see a customer service person to process an online order that is ready based on their email but you have to waite more to get your order.

After asking them why all this waiting time I was told either to waite more to get it or go back to the waiting line to cancel it. It was a very bad customer service. I told them to keep the product and I left. Then, I receive an email stating that I picked the product.

One factor that played against me is the fact I complained with a foreign accent. My son loves going to Toys R US, now I sweared that it is the last time I put my feet in this non professional and non customer friendly place.

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