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I went to purchase a car seat,the price of the display read $49.99 underneath there were about 6 boxes,I picked one and when I got to the checkout the price was 64.99 on sale I called the manager his name is dmitri, we went to the aisle and showed him the display he tells me that they merchandise according to the space which mean it doesn't matter if the product on display reads one price the boxes below it have another price and it's their merchandising people's fault because they haven't been trained properly they won't honor the price on the error, including the manager which he doesn't have a clue about customer satisfaction,he let me walked out and loose a sale instead of modifying the price at $20.00 less. I will add a picture below.the worst customer service people I have ever seen I don't know if that's how they are trained to perform or the corporate people have no idea who does the hiring of the store in Kendall Florida.

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Firstly it seems as if you have mistaken the product you purchased with the sticker price of another product, but even if I am incorrect on this point:

Of course it is not the law to charge the price shown on the shelf. If that were the case I could wonder into any shop with a faked up price tag, then insist that the shop honers the "correct" price as shown on the shelf. It's logical.


Maybe if you weren't a whinny customer someone would have helped you


Price Match

Here are the guidelines:

● We will not match typographical pricing errors in advertisements or on our websites.

I hope this will help you :)

I understand your frustration but please do understand that the manager also need to follow some protocols.. I know they made a mistake, and now they are trying correcting it.

Garfield, New Jersey, United States #1044411

Your at fault here. The box clearly shows the picture of a different seat.

The manager made the right call. Stop playing games and making peoples lives harder.


It's against the law to charge a different price than the one on display. Report Dmitri to corporate and the store to the BBB.

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