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Don't ever ever buy electronic item from Toys R Us unless you are 100 % sure you want to keep it.When I was ready to purchase the Ipod Touch 4th generation last month, I asked the worker at the cashier what was the return policy for the Ipod.

He said " Just return it within 45 days." I was happy with the policy, so I purchased the Ipod. Today I took it back to Toys R Us and tried to return it with the receipt and everything in the box, but the manager refused to return it. She said that the item had to be returned in an unopen box, and she pointed at the back of the receipt in fine print. That was the first time I read about the policy.

I told her I would never have bought the item had the worker told me that the item had to be returned in an UNOPENED BOX within 45 days when first inquiring about the return policy. He never mentioned about the item has to be unopened in order to return! This is deceiving! I trusted what the worker said about the return policy.

He omitted the most important information about the elctronic return policy. He tricked me, and I was deceived! What kind of return policy is this that you can never open the product to see how it works before you can decide if you want to return it!? what an unethical company!

They tricked and deceived customers. I would have bought my Ipod from Wal-Mart or Target where they do not have this kind of rediculous policy. I bought two Ipod from Toys R US, and I realized that one is sufficient for my family. But now I am stuck with both of them.

I learned a big and expensive lesson from this : I would NEVER NEVER EVER bought another electronic from Toys R Us, and I hope you do too.

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Prescott, Arizona, United States #644743

you have two weeks for unopened electronics and 90 days for unopened toys WHERE CAN YOU RETUREN ANY ELECTRONIC OPEN AFTER 45 DAYS NO WHERE LADY I WORK FOR them AND YOU HAVE 2 WEEKS JUST LIKE ANY OTHER BOX RETAILER must be unopened if opened can be exchanged for same item only if this policy is the same for walmart target sams costco bestbuy anywhere if you have any issue with it and hate it go threw the manufacture to have them issue a refund and a manager well not issue you a refund just because your mad im sorry you cant read you should really do your homework and read i know your not dumb your just want to play dumb to get what you want i see it all the time in retail


They Can and will return anything if you go about it the right way.The manager on duty has the ability to return anything.

They do not want calls to corprate it looks bad for them. They most often will do anything to avoid it. Try another store if you dont get what you want or try another time of the day. All depends on who you get to help you and how there day has been.

I have worked in Management for over 5 years at Toys r us.Sucks that is that way I know but it is what it is.


Wow people really, the woman is just telling her story and some people are pure evil.How can some of ya really be happy that she couldn't return the product back ....

You really need God in your little,evil devil filled hearts. ToysRus really does suck big time and as a professional company they should have the return policy on the receipt or have a sign stating it.

Same thing happen to me but thank God I know how to make people like me and always get my way, good luck honey n go to a different toyrus n sweet talk them ...

to MeanGirl #1035339

No one is being mean to her, they are just telling her the truth.Don't bring God into this.

They are not evil. You apparently do not know how to read as well. The policy was on the receipt, and I am sure it was written on a sign.

Being four years old and not being able to read is no exception.Besides she should have asked an adult first before making such an expensive purchase.


Toys R Us has a return policy that they never expressed at check out.The only thing it said was original packaging.

They should clearly state it can not be opened.

The Tabeo is an expensive horrible product.DO NOT BUY


1st of all for all the people saying to look at the back of the receipt, some toys r us stores don't even have the fine print on the back of it...So now what?.

How about giving some useful information for these customers. I bought a Tabeo for my daughter, after hearing that it's laggy unresponsive to touch and the battery dies in a matter of minutes I opened it to see for myself. So now your telling us that they shouldn't be able to give me my money back?

Because they sold me something that is garbage?I don't think so, reality check please.

I will n we buy another electronic from there.


You cannot really blame them because you don't know how to read or chose not to read.

to Jedi Knight Ethan Phoenix, Arizona, United States #586787

Your an *** for making that comment!

to Your Mama #1128188

They have a good point though.


@mary - pls read below AGAIN.

ok, once again lets state this for all the ignorant shoppers out there.THese are RETAILERS.

They sell products that are bought from manufacturers.

So guess what, if they are cheaply made then guess who you need to be complaining to.THE MANUFACTURER!!

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