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Horrible. Horrible customer service.

Table full of one product and they refused to sell me 2 of them. Limit one per customer. So they are basically putting “potential future buyers” over a customer who was ready, willing and able to purchase and in fact already standing there purchasing $700 in toys. And then I was told I could have another customer “buy it for me” which really pissed me off.

Why then should I waste someone else’s time, along with my time if Toys R Us in fact knew I was the one buying both?? Makes no sense at all. I understand people buy many of the hot toys and resell them on EBay , etc. it was very obvious that I was not doing that, I was Christmas shopping for children I intended on giving them to.

So how about you take care of your customers who actually made the trip into your store instead of potential customers who may or may not come in the store and may or may not buy the item you are so desperate to save for what reason I’ll never know. BAD way to conduct BUSINESS.

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