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I went to the Toys R Us in Langley to purchase a Hots Wheels RC for my son for Christmas.There were none on the shelves so I went to Customer Service and was helped by the most unfriendly staff member I have ever had to deal with.

She told me there were 20 on order that had not arrived I could not leave my name for them to phone, they would not keep me one and there was nothing I could do. I was absolutly shocked infact I stood there with my mouth open staring at her. I had a long christmas list, but walked out the shop without pruchasing a s *** item.

The last time you will ever see me in a Toys R Us.Jack yourselves up.

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yes you were way more important than the 50 other people that probably requested the same treatment for the 20 sets they had on order!first come first serve especially at a larger store like that...

everyone should be forced to serve retail time.....maybe you people would get off your high horse and treat these people with respect and realize the world actually doesnt revolve around you...

the fact that she told you more were on order was trying to be helpful.during christmas at a toy store you couldnt even imagine the amount of requests like that and what they have to deal with on a busy day ***!


I agree with Retail Employee.Christmas is so busy with customers trying to buy things at the last minute for their kids.

They probably had more people than just you looking for this Hot Wheels RC.Toys R Us usually stops their customer holds during this time because like Retail Employee said "Nothing would ever make it to the sales floor."


I think everyone should work retail through 1 Christmas season. The number of customers wanting things held for them is unbelievable. If we held merchandise for customers at Christmas nothing would ever make it to the sales floor.


Yep, first come first serve. I'm sure that since you're web-savvy you could find it on or some place.


it's first come first serve in the real world. sorry it's not the same in your own world that you're living in.

Mount Pleasant, Utah, United States #216604

yeah thats really weird she wouldnt take your name + number, how unprofessional.

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