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Wow. The other day I went on to and, because there appeared to be a sale of 20% off on an item I was hoping to get for my son, I decided to buy for pickup in my local store (the system said that the local store had this item in stock). I entered all of my information, including my debit card number. Before I even got to the submit screen, the order was cancelled because it said my item was not in stock at the local store. I tried again for another area store, but then for some reason I couldn't get the discounted price. I decided to buy the item from Walmart with Site to Store.

Ordinarily, everything would have been fine....except the next day I logged in to my checking account and found that there was a hold for $285.11 on my checking account from Toys R Us. I contacted them, and the first guy I got was able to find the transaction with my debit card number. He told me to find out what my bank needed and he would fax it to them so they could release my money. I contacted my bank who asked me to get certain info on the Toys R Us letterhead. I called back to Toys R Us, and was given the runaround by several people. At least two of them told me I would have to "just wait for the authorization to fall off." Nobody knew that they could fax the bank. It was ridiculous. Finally at about the end of the day, a rep advised me she could fax the letter and called back later that evening to advise that she had.

The next morning, the hold was still on my account. I contacted the bank who told me they got no fax from TRU. I called today at lunch. I got a young lady who took the fax number AGAIN and said that the only person with access to the fax machine would be in this afternoon and she put it on his desk for him to fax when he came in. A few hours later, it was still not done. I called back and got a gentleman who advised me that he had proof it was faxed and that they were unable to send the fax again. I advised him that yes they could and that I had Brittany's (also threw in the badge number) assurance that they would. He said he was a supervisor and that they can't. I advised him they could. He finally put me on hold and proceeded to do his job. He returned to tell me they would refax. They did. The fax was missing crucial information. Get it together Toys R Us customer service!!!

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I'm going through this right now !!! They are the worst!!! I will now boycott Toys R Us.

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