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i spent a little over $300.00 @ toysrus on 12-21-09. one of the items i bought was a socom ps3 game for my son.

come to find out u had to have the internet and all kind of other *** to play the game just not a ps3. the reason i didn't know this prior is because u can not actually see the game u have to get a little white piece of paper with the name of the game on it and then carry it to the cashier where she gets the game and then rings u up and then puts it in a bag. i guess their worry about people stealing them. but anyway i contacted them to exchange the item and they told me that they wouldn't exchange the item are give me my money back due to me not having an itemized reciept.

i threw the oringal reciept away but i did have a bank statement stateing that i spent a little over $300.00 dollars there on 12-21-09. i was told that wasn't good enough. toyrus talks about how they are for kids but yet they conduct business like this especially around christmas. so i say f toysrus and any franchise with them.

i will never by another item from toysrus in fact i hope they go out of business.

peolpe like this usally get what they deserve. i agree with the other consumer WALMART all the way.

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I didn't know they still used the ticket system for video games. I Toys R Us Canada got rid of that system almost 11 years ago. Now we have copies of the games on the floor for a more interactive approach.


I am a former employee of the "R US" company; of 9 years. Allow me to explain how the company (at least the store I worked in the whole 9 years) works.

They may have 3-4 knowledgeable associates whom can oversee the RZone (video game/electronics department); of those 3-4 people their availability play a role. Really it doesn't matter whether they are knowledgeable about that department or not; the person that makes the schedule or the manager will throw anyone who can work a register in that department. I know first hand because I worked in that department at one time; after that I was just pretty much a floater (any where they needed me). One day after not being in that department for almost 3 years they threw me in the RZone; needless to say I wasn't current with the newest systems, games, etc.

However, being the person that I am when a guest asked a question about something in that department I would give an honest answer (what I know, or I honestly don't know). Too make a long story short, they could have looked up your receipt using your credit or debit card and did the return/exchange that way; however, you most likely would have gotten the same exact game again, due to the return/exchange policy.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #173810

My guess is this dad did not get many people to side with him, felt hurt that they did not give him a belly rub, so he created another account himself to make it look like he had people on his side. That makes him a selfish brat in my book. However he messed up in his last post and it is obvious that Crazyshoppers is scottv.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #173809

I see who is siding with you. Obviously Crazyshoppers and scottv are the same person. They just made a mistake on what account they were using.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #173807

I told you before that I did not lose the receipt I threw it out. At least one person agrees with me. I am glad for that.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #173806

Another case of a careless parent not teaching their chidren responsibility. First of all your excuse about not being able to see the game is ridiculous.

You could have simply done the ADULT thing and asked to check the game over before purchasing it. I bet you also do the same thing when you get "M" rated games for your son, use the same excuse. Second of all you should again act like an ADULT(since you are one) and kept the recepit. You wuld have no problem.

People are not going to stop shopping at Toys R Us just because you are a careless, irresponsible parent and bad role model for your son.

I don't know what planet you are from, but the Bank Statement tells you how much you spent not what you bought. So that they cannot help you. So because you were careless, and irresponsible and refuse to take responsibility for your actions you want them to go out of business.

You act like an eight year old in front of your son. Shame on you.


Plus a new car is 20,000 +. It's different then buying a 50.00 dollar game you ***!lol.


If you don't have your receipt they don't know how much you paid for the game. It could have been buy one get on free and that could have been the free game. Keep your receipt and you won't have a problem.


I'm glad somebody finally understands what I'm trying to say. The way business was conducted I fill that they misreprensted their product.

It would be like me selling you a vehicle and all you know is it is a 2004 Toyota and this is written on a white sheet that is three inhes by three inches. Plus you never get to see the vehicle are read any paper work that comes with the vehicle. Then once you get the vehicle you find out it only runs on a certain gas that cost twenty dollars a gallon instead of three dollars a gallon and that it only has room for one person instead of two or four. I'm the type of person who knows about tools, guns, fishing, hunting, vehicles, etc.

I don't know anything about video games because I don't play them.

All I was trying to do was get a gift that my child asked for like the average parnet would do. My main thing is I fill that they could have a better system set up when customers are looking at games instead of a white sheet of paper three by three inches sticking in a holder with the name of the game written on it with no other information.


Are you serious?? You think someone is spoiled because they bought a game for their child and couldn't use it, they should be able to at least exchange it for a game they can use.

Maybe if their staff was trained to ask the proper questions before selling an item we would not have this problem.

Who cares where it comes from they can still sell it. That's *** so keep on shopping there and we wont miss rude people like you at walmart.


didn't lose the oringal receipt. i threw it away like i stated.

plus i thought about the walmart thing but i was told that items have bar codes and item numbers and with these numbers they can tell if it was purchased at their store are not. also i wasn't looking for money back just trying to exchange game. with a copy of my bank statement from using my debit card at this store. plus if they put the games out so you could actually look at it insted of a little white sheet of paper with the name of the game written on it this wouldn't have probaly ever happened.

The reason they do this is because people steal them i know. Game stop puts the box out so you can read it just with no game inside.


scottv..... Fair or not, if the stores policy is not to accept returns without a receipt and you lost the receipt there's not much you can do about that and you can't be mad at the store because you lost a receipt.

I've had this happen to me before and what I did was I returned the item to Wal Mart. As long as Wal Mart sells the item (which in the case of your video game I know they do), they'll take the return and, since you don't have a receipt, they'll give you a store credit (most likely a Wal Mart gift card).


you must be one of their highschool drop out cashiers. by the way i mean what i say i will never shop there again and if you think they are so great shop away.

you must not have read everybody else's comments about the great toysrus. maybe you should.


Are you serious! "I hope they go out of business".

I hope your son doesn't grow up to be in ingrate like his father. Where does all this self-entitlement come from? My question to you is, WHAT DID YOU do with the receipt? Since you’re a fan of Wal-mart, how does Toys R Us know you didn't buy it at Wal-mart?

It's Christmas, I don't want to read about how some ungrateful spoiled brat (you) didn't get his way. Please do all of us Toys R Us shoppers a favor and shop at Wal-mart.

You know Wal-mart, the store that doesn't pay or train their staff and who losses millions a year in Lawsuits. Im Sure Toys will not miss you!

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