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I was humiliated by the manager at Toy R Us Greece, NY location. I went to purchase Christmas items for needed children.

I notice while in the store the Boom Nerf guns were on sale for 50% off. I grab several of the guns. When I got to the register the items rang up full price. I said to the Cashier "I'll go get the sign with says 50%." Because there were a lot of people in the store and I didn't want to hold up the line up.

The cashier said, "I have to call a manager". We waited about ten minutes before a manager came. The Manager came she never acknowledge me. I'm not sure what the Cashier said to her but the Manager’s speech was at a loud pitch when she said "All Nerf items aren't on sale".

I said “these Nerf items I'm interested in are on sale; we can go in the back to get the sign.” She said “I don’t have time for this.” I said again “We can go in the back to get the sign” and proceeded to walk towards the back of the store. When we got to the back there were two signs which advertised 50% off Boom Nerf. Instead of the situation being resolved it escalated. I was refused service and law enforcement was called.

I would like to go into more details if someone from Toy R Us is willing to contact me.

I also would like to know if this is common practices for Toy R Us management not address a customer with greetings and not to have the common knowledge to diffuse issues that arise in the store.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $200. This person is overall dissatisfied with Toys R Us and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about toys r us manager at Toys R Us was treatment i received from the manager tammy Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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there's quite a bit missing from the post. they wouldn't have just called the cops for nothing.

you say you went back to where they were with the signs then all of a sudden you mention how they called the cops.

what happened in between that? obviously something escalated probably you raising your voice demanding that you get your way or the highway most likely

people like you make me wish I didn't work retail but its the other 99% of the great customers that keep me coming back.

and for the record I don't work at toys r us but I do work retail.

to Anonymous #1088494

I started arguing, using some profanity and they said not to use that language in front of children. Not that it is any of your business.

I am not going to lie, I was perhaps overboard. But still even if the misunderstanding was mine, which when I went back later I realized I misunderstood the signs and the Nerf guns I wanted were full price, they should have given them to me for half price since I told them they were for needed children. I feel it shameful that I had to lie and say that they were for needed children in hopes to buy the Boom Nerf guns for my own children.

I was hoping if I told them it was for needed children they would give the discount anyway, or give them for free, but no. Before you judge, me I make minimum wage and wanted to get my children the popular toys their friends all have.


Sorry you have an apologist commentiong below when you were clearly wronged. Truth is retail "managers" are completely horrendous and a joke, especially when you're talking low-brow stores like these worldwide profit machines.

aka Wal mart, toys r us. I had a similar experience in a lingerie store where a sign had 5$ on it, and the item directly in front was 20$. Rather than have any remote idea of what customer service means, like politely explaining, diffusing, apologixing for having a bit of a laugh at their customers by tricking us into thinking things are cheaper than they are, the "manager" is rude for no reason like I am trying to scam her company out of money and like I am some child who will start yelling and throwing things around if I don't get my way. They don't get trained, they get their 12$ an hour which is RICHES in retail and get told to deal with us pieces of garbage (aka customer) in the cheapest manner possible.

Don't feel bad, just do your shopping online so you don't need those idiots. And if you have complaints about something, well good luck with that. Send off an email or a letter you'll probably have more luck.

-signed, a call center customer service person for the past 10 years who does a dang good job which is very, very rare. (I mean really people in our culture don't even have an inkling of what serving someone means, their giant selfish egos get in the way I think)


If they felt the problem was bad enough to call law enforcement, I doubt they will get back to you except to trespass you permanently from the store. Remember, the placement of signs is only of minor importance on the actual price and the signs get moved all the time.

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