I have bought my son a radio control car toy and he was open the box and recharge the battery right away. Next thing we know the car was not running at all.

We went back to store at first i just want to return the toy car and get my son a new one, but the worker in there told us that "Open toy box can not return" What is going on with that, if i did not open the box, how are my son suppose to play with the toy!!!! The worker still resisted that i can not return, but only exchange and they will have to open the new box that they will exchanged for us. How on earth is gonna work that way? I bought the toy for it, did not ask it for free and that is my money that i pay for it.....nobody got to open the toy without my permission.

That is what i told them. So i asked to spoke to the store manager, but they called an "assistant's manager" which it he told us the he is a biggest one in the store. I looked at the employee badge and point to him that you are not the biggest one in the store, and I request to see a "real store manager" not the one that wanna be. A store manager came and spoke to us, but he still insisted that can not return the item.

My husband was so mad told him that "Return my money right now or otherwise give us back a recipe and the item, we will spoke to our lawyer to sue you." Store manager suddenly changed his act and talk nice to us and refund our money back an apologized for inconvenience. I really don't care how much it cost for the toy but the way that Toys R Us policy and the worker treating the customer is "DISRESPECT" customer.


This was happened in Portland Oregon at Clackamas area. The store # 8005

Review about: Toys R Us Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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oh and Alex, you're a *** too.


wow.. what horrible spelling and grammar.

I wonder if you speak how you type because I'm thinking those employees just did it your way to get your poor grammar a$$ out of there. whatever, the original poster is anonymous because they're retarded.


BBB is not going to do anything for you. Toys R Us followed their Policy and BBB will notice that and close the complaint. Read the return policy, its on the site.


This happened to me at the store on Cascade Avenue in Tigard, Oregon. Bought a Nintendo 3DS and it hurt my cousins eyes.

Wanted to return for the DSI and they wouldn't let me because the box was opened! Filed a BBB complaint, awaiting reply


The item wasn't even worth enough qualify for a small claims suit. The manager knew you were full of it, he was probably just tired of dealing with you so he gave the baby their bottle...oh and look!

You're complaining anyway! Get a life.


Satan is correct. Within the return SOP guidelines, RC vehicles are consider electronics.

45 day return policy, package must not have been opened in order for it to be returned. once opened, it can only be exchanged for the exact same product only if it is damaged or defective.

Next time go online and read the policy or even call before hand.

THis is not a catering service. They are not required to give sh it to you.


I would have told you to do what you felt you had to do.


Holy ***, what is it with the way some people on here write? The country is going down the toilet if so many people are this illiterate.


Doesn't sound like their policy has broken any laws. Many stores have an "exchange only" policy on certain products. You would've lost the lawsuit.

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