I asked ToysRus how they can show the list price for the Lego Star Wars Fury Class Sith Interceptor for $109.99 when the MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) is actually $89.99, and claim it is on sale for $99.99. The "customer service" representative told me that the $109.99 is ToysRus' list price, not the MSRP.

I told the rep that not even the official Lego website sells it for more than MSRP and I was told to buy it from them. I found it at Target for $72.

I suggest people with smartphones get the "shopsavvy" app, you can scan it and find cheaper prices. I love to find what I want at ToysRus, at their insanely inflated prices, go to stores (Target, Walmart, etc) with cheaper prices, buy the most common version of that item and return that one to ToysRus.

This works great with hard to find action figures, ToysRus ends up with common, unsellable ***. They are not the only ones who can have a scam.

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You know that's a SUGGESTED price and not an actual price, right? You know stores have to make a profit and pay for overhead, right? ...what am I saying...of course you don't, you're a dipshit

to Anonymous Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #779912

Dumba$$ toysrus overcharges by double the price while everyone else has it at regular price.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #595122

A number of stores do this, Shopko and Target are also known to sell above MSRP (Manufacturer SUGGESTED Retail Price). Many times I'll go to target and see their Nerf blasters "On sale" for the same price that Wal*Mart has them at normally. TRU is no different then any other retailer in this regards.

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