I am residence of Thailand and regular customer to Toys R US in


On 22 Dec 2010, I visited one of Toy R US store in Beverly Center,

Los Angeles, CA 90048 and purchased a box of Tomas a& Friends

"SHAKE SHAKE BRIDGE".(027084859652) under sale reference

7204/02 7823:7 86874 122210 04:32PM

Unfortunately after I come back to Thailand I found that the items

included is mistakening. Please refer to the part list instead of having

2 units of item C Large Curve, we've got 3. But for Item D Sloped Curve-

Right instead of having 1 unit, we do not have any single in the box.

Therefore we can not complete installation the system. And my son is

very sad.

If you need evidence, I can scan all document and photo to send to you

via email.

Please send immediately 1 unit of part D, Sloped Curve -Right. to me by

currier to following address.

Mr.Aroon Eamsureya

63/1 Soi Ngamduplee, Toongmahamek, Rama 4, Bangkok, Thailand

Monetary Loss: $30.

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This site isn't for ordering parts. You need to contact the manufacturer.

You probably shouldn't have posted your info on this website. It has nothing to do with Toys R Us the company. You probably aren't able to get anything from this site.

It's just where people go to complain. Go to your local store.


Why do consumers blame the retailer for issues with product instead of the manufacturer? There was not a Toys R Us employee standing on an assembly line this morning making your train set.

Call the manufacturer and have them resolve your issue under their warranty and customer service guidelines. Or is that too much for you to do?


We bought this for my son and the train that comes with it will not stay on the track. the track is always coming apart. this tract set is an annoyance to my life and i wish i had never bought it

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