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I bought some diapers. There were supposed to be 126 in the box, but there were only 84.

I phoned the number on the side of the box (the manufacturer) who promised to look into it. I phoned them three more times, still nothing. In the meantime I also complained to customer service at Toys R Us who promised me that someone would call me. They didn't.

I phoned again. They offered me a $25 gift card (which I am still waiting for) but I just want my money back, I don't want to ever shop in Toys R Us after this experience as I don't trust them. Also, the same day my son was given a gift from Toys R Us. It says on the box it needs only 2 batteries.

It doesn't, it needs 3. Everything with Toys R Us on the side is garbage and untrustworthy.

They are only interested in ripping off the consumer. Boycott them.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Madison, Wisconsin, United States #595127

Since when does Toys'R'Us control how many diapers are in the box. Did the box look full when you opened it or was it obvious that there was some missing?

Many diaper boxes hold the diapers in plastic "sleeves", was one of them missing?? Seems mighty suspicious that it would be missing a FULL third of the diapers. Admittedly I find it rather odd that a search of the diapers listed at Toys'R'Us (via the website) doesn't show a single pack that contains 126 diapers.

84 diapers YES, that one is common but not 126. Still, unless this was Babies'R'Us brand diapers then the store isn't liable for them.

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