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How excited to purchase online without the waiting on lines and people pushing you around. I will never, ever do this again with Toysrus. Not only was I on the phone for 1 hr and 40 min and 8 customer service on 12/5/12, thanks to the supervisor or manager on the 8th customer service who was suppose to direct my call to corporate, and yet, I was on hold for another 20 minutes and I had to hang up because he didn't want to give me the address of the corporate office. Great job! The worst customer care ever.

I ordered toys for christmas and the order went through online. Then I get an email in the morning stating that I cancelled my orders that was to be picked up. I never called for any cancellation, they lied as the issue was on there end. When you choose a Toysrus location nearest to you, you go and pick up the items you purchased. Well, because they didn't have any in stock, guess what they cancelled all the items I bought and told me I would have to reorder again online and have them sent by delivery if they have it.

Now, mind you half of the other order couldn't be picked up, as Toyrus stated, so it was going to be delivered. Well, it happens to be that when you buy things on cyber sale, you get dicounts, right? Wrong... The half I ordered to be delivered went through, but I had to reorder the half that they cancelled and the sale was no longer available to all the items I bought together because they can't help you out on it. You then can't get the item 40% off, because the other half of the item is being delivered and if you make a purchase to get the items you lost, you won't get the discount anymore. So, they rip you off on it and you pay full price on the item. The thing to all this, it happens to be that when I spoke to an agent from another company of what just happened to me, she too told me they cancelled her order from Toyrus. Now, this is more of a scam then anything else, as they are profitting on this.

Shame on Toyrus ripping consumer this way, I now had to spend $78.90 more because they ripped me off on my so call discount they say they give you and when they cancel your items, you loose all the way. I was desperate on getting my shopping done, but to get even, I went this way and sending a letter along with a photo of the amount time I spent on the phone with there number on the dial, date and time.

Review about: Toys R Us Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $78.

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