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I ordered a Wii game online for in store pick up using my paypal account to pay for item. I received confirmation email from paypal that I paid $24.06 for item and received a confirmation email from Toys R Us that I placed the game order and that my total was $24.06.

I then received a second email from Toys R Us stating a summary of my order stating that they were processing my order and my toga was $23.88!!!! HMMMMMM I was charged $24.06 then email from Toys R Us state total $23.88!???!! Then I get my available for pick up email from Toys R Us and go to the store to pick up item. I had to walk to the back of the store, scan my barcode from pick up ready email and...wait and wait and wait.

Ordering online and pick up in store is supposed to make things go faster but not here. I spent more time waiting for the item then if I had just gone to the store to purchase the item off the shelf! Then while I was waiting I notcied the same game that i had just ordered for pick-up and was waiting for said item to be brought to me that there was a sale on the item i had ordered that was buy 1 game get 2nd game for $2.00. So my 2 young children picked out 4 games (one of them was the same game that I was waiting to be brought out to me).

I figured, I will purchase another copy of the game that was ordered as well as three other games to take advantage of the great price and return the game that was ordered online for store pickup. I made my purchase and went to customer service to return my item. First off, the refund barcode on the pick up email would not work then the customer service lady spoke about refunding my money on a gift card, even though I had the email receipt and my credit card that paypal uses. She somehow got my refund done but only refunded me $19.16!

The game alone without tax cost's $19.99, not including tax and the protection I also added to game. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed that not only was I refunded such an odd amount which was also not the correct amount, it wasn't until I went back into my email to check on how much my total was via paypal that I began to notice the discrepancies in total amounts in my emails from Toys R Us. I called the store back and spoke with store manager who asked me to bring the paperwork back into store to get the rest of my refund. This did not make me happy at all.

So I loaded the kids back into the cold, drove back to Toys R Us, asked for the manager, had to go through the story with the customer service staff, then go through it with the manager again. Then I had to run out to my car to get my license, AGAIN!, for some odd reason and he refunded me the difference of what I was originally charged and what I was refunded. No I'm sorry, no I'm sorry that you had to go through all of this, no sorry for the large waste of your time, no sorry for our screw up costing you time, money and gas. NOTHING!!!!

Then he acted like they were doing me the favor!!! When I got home i called the annoying 1-800 number and went through the same story with them and explain my total displeasure with the store manager, the incorrect refund, the long wait for item, having to go get my license from my car to get my money back that was owed to me (even though I had all the emails and receipts at the desk), etc etc. I may as well have saved my breathe. I am so disgusted with TOYS R US that I will never, ever shop there again, even if the item is free!!

And I will tell everyone I know what happened! In the end customer service at the 1-800 number gave a lousy $10 promo code for online purchase, whoopee dooo. I complained not to get a gift card from them but a sincere apology for all my time and gas wasted. I shouldn't have bothered.

And that $10 promo code? That didn't even touch amount of gas that I spent going back and forth to Toys R us to get my correct refund back! Let alone all the time I spent dealing with this.


Review about: Toys R Us Customer Care.

Reason of review: refunded incorrect amount.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service, Being cheated on refund amount, Treated like i was scamming.

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