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On Nov 21, 2012 I purchased a toddler table with 4 chairs. the store in BoyntonBeach had to order it through their computer as one was not in stock. The salesperson recommended we take advantage of their protection plan,, for ten dollars we would be covered for 2 years. This pass week two of the chairs broke and I called the store and spoke to a manager. I explained to the manager I didn't have the receipt for the protection plan as that was done separately from the sale. I gave her the transaction number for the esale expecting her to pull it up and see that we had the protection plan. She said she couldn't do it and I would have to call the company handling the protection plans. They have to call a separate company that handles all protection plans. I called, the gentleman said he found it and he would email the receipt within 24 hours. After 72 hours and no email I called them back and now they tell me they could not find the transaction. I explained they found it 3 days ago. I call back Toys Are Us the 800 number and go through the story again this time the girl tells me she has it in front of her and she will have to put in a request for a case study on this. A case study? You have the dam receipt in front of you can't you just call the store and let them know I am covered. "Oh no we need a case studty". 2 hours later I get an email telling me they could not find the transaction number and without the receipt there was nothing they could do.

I never have had a time when as a customer I was so dumfounded as to the service I received from this company. All protection plans are separate and Toys Are Us and their protection plan company are not networked. I have worked for a company that sold protection plans and when a cuystomer came in we pulled them up in the system and all information was there no problem with replacing the item.

Review about: Toys R Us Manager.

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never buy a protection plan. They all sell them but never honor them.

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