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So some time a go i opened a store card accout with toys r us. I used the card, paid on time and for the most part only used qhen necessary.

They closed my acct due to non activity. I thought that was good consumer practice. On the contrary it affected my credit score negatively. Recently i opened a new account and of course did the same thing as far a credit usage and lo and behold they closed it again for the same reason .

Again affecting my credit score negatively. Why are they looking to lose customers who actually pay.

Im veey upset and wont be shopping at there store anymore which my kids happen to love. Very upset and disappointed.

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"R"Us Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank. This means Synchrony Bank are the ones who hold your account.

They are the ones who closed it.

Toys R Us has nothing to do with the account. They are not the lender.

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