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this is quite a story, but i will keep it as short as i can. My 11 year old son received an etouch for christmas from his aunt.

on boxing day it wouldn't hold a charge. the next day my husband took it back to the original shop along with nine other parents with the same problem and exchanged it. this etouch would not hold a charge either. still with me?

my husband took it back again and exchanged the charger and that failed. i took it back and received a credit note and was told that they would recieve a new supply by easter! i waited unil after easter and there was still no etouch available and was promised they would be in on the friday of that week. on the friday i waited in the shop for nearly 2 hours for the lorry with the etouch on to be eptied, was advised to go home and wait for a phone call as the lorry can take up to 5 hours to empty.

(no wonder they get paid minimal wage!) i had a phone call of the manager who informed me that the etouch had the wrong plug on it and they would have to order a new batch that would take a maximum of two weeks.

i have phoned today over two weeks later and have been informed that they cannot give me a date for the new etouchs and i can have a refund if i am unhappy! great customer service!!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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