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I live two hours from the nearest Toys R Us, but I make a point of doing my Christmas shopping there since they have a wider variety than my local Kmart/Walmart. A few months ago I went up to take advantage of their free layaway and to make sure I got the 'hot' toys on my children's lists.

I had a wonderful experience when shopping and doing the layaway, but then I went to pick it up. I swear they got rid of all the nice managers and hired the worst people they could find. I paid for the rest of my layaway at the register (btw, nice cashier), and was directed to a different part of the store to pick it up. Well, I could not find the right green hallway, I asked two employees that were wandering around and they told me they had no idea where layaway pick up was done.

I finally, after 20 minutes, bumped into an employee that was carrying my packages around the store. He asked for my name and handed me the bags, saying he didn't need to see my receipt. I assumed he had already checked the order, and drove home. What a surprise when I found they had not given me 4 items!

I called the store, they took the number from my receipt and found my missing items. They then informed me that I would need to drive back to get them. I explained that I live 2 hours away, and could they either mail my items or refund my credit card over the phone. The person on the phone said there was nothing they could do, so I asked to speak to the manager.

She came on the phone and immediately said, "It's not our fault you left without your merchandise. Why didn't you check it?" Well, I probably should have, but it's not MY job to do so. I asked her why her employee had not checked it, like Kmart and Walmart do. Her reply was that they are supposed to, but it was busy.

So crappy customer service is apparently acceptable if it is busy. I finally lost it and told her that if I had to drive all the way back, I would be demanding a $60 credit (gas is not cheap), and I would go all the way to corporate if I had to. She then told me she could refund my card over the phone. This is after telling me numerous times that it couldn't be done.

I am furious that it took threatening to speak to corporate before anything would be done to resolve this issue that was THEIR fault!

To top it off, two items were exclusive to Toys R Us, I will not be getting those now, and one of the monster high dolls that I did receive came back to me in a package that was smashed so badly I will have to remove everything and place in a different box before wrapping. Way to make the holiday season bright and cheery, Toys R Us.

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