I just bought my son's birthday gift Super Mario Bros. game that he was asking for long time.

But when he put it into the Wii, it showed invalid disk. Then we found out this disk was for the new Wii machine Wii U that we didn't know about before. I went back to the store and want to change the game to the version that work for the old kind of Wii. The manager refused to change it because the game was opened.

And she said somebody just copy the game. I asked what can I do with the disk if I didn't have the new machine. She said she would like to sell me a new machine.

I was speech less. My feeling was I would not buy stuff in that store any more.

Review about: Toys R Us Manager.

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:upset You're the type of dipshit who wants video games like GTA banned. You're so out of the loop of what's going on with your child, you don't even know what video game SYSTEM you have. :roll


Why is it Toys R Us's fault that you can't read? Not giving them your business would not have helped you here.

There isn't a single store that sells video games... not GameStop nor Best Buy nor nothing in between...

that will allow you to return an open game for exchange or refund except for the same game in the chance that it is faulty. This is an industry standard and I do not know of one place that will take back an open game thanks to the used video game market.

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