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Thrusday night at 7:30 p.m. waiting in line for the sale, got in to the store at 8:20 p.m.

Found the PS 3 and while in the process of paying, I noticed, the other guy with the same purchased were getting into a conversation with the cashier and found out that the one that we got wasn't the right one.

So we waited for the manager and here he came, a slim guy with glasses and no name tag. he said, it's not his fault that the store didn't get the bundle that's on the ads. and the other different guy ( 3 man including me were in the cashier paying for the wrong bundle ) said, can't we get a rain check if the store get the product? because instead of going to other places, we spent hours waiting in line, and guess what the manager said, " So?, it's just an hour?, you can go still go to other place at this time.

" ( before I could hear more stuff coming out from his mouth, I walked out to calmed my self down.

It was not right at all for a manager to say those words. I know it's not his fault and certainly not my fault ( our fault ) but the company have to do something because they made the error, by wrong advertising and hiring such a bad attitude manager.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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I did not asked for a rain checked, the other guy did. Lol, why even bother to explained to someone with no reading nor processing skill.

Just like talking to a child who keep repeating the same words. ( so, so, so....)

Anywa, didn't mean to attract a heartless comment here, adios.


Heartless indeed.


So? And there is nothing he can do.

I work for a different retail chain and you can't rain-check anything on sale for black Friday. Sale prices do not guarantee stock; it just guarantee's the price if their is stock.

SO SO SO SO, maybe you're the one with the attitude. Get over it you're not entitled to the item just the price......

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