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My 5 yrs old son bought one of these transformer toy brought home was very complicated for 5 yrs to put everything together and change to car to transformer with low quality plastic braking a part. on box it said age 3+ so i bought it.

We went to the shop asking for exchange, very rude staff - said we can't exchanges since you opened the toy - How can we try with toy inside the package? After lots of discussion she said I can have same toy in exchanges but she will open the box prior to selling it to us as we are returning the open toy - she brought new package ripped it of in front of us handed over to us - What did she just achieved by doing this? I have no idea - manager came she was also very-very rude. Since then decided never ever going back to Toys r Us there are better toy shop in Toronto.

Also in formed our friend that not to get toys from this worst toy shop and we are in our daughter BD we requested not to bring toys from Toys R Us as our daughter does not like their toys. B ye Bye toys R US Good luck with your rude staff.

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toys r us / babys r us, not gonna a whole story, but consumers be aware, this place is terrible fo rservice, agreed with others walmart much better


Doesnt matter where you go. They would say the same thing.

Walmart, target, kmart, gamestop all run on the same basic policy. You open you dont get your money back. This is not a society where if u dont like it you return it. Thats not how things work.

Use your brain. YOu got it for really cheap so do you think its gonna be a good product.

Probably not. DUH!!!


Your complaint seems to be the norm for Toys R Us. I got a tablet computer marked nearly half off on a Wednesday Christmas special.

They didn't have any working models in the store. I was COMPLETELY unaware of their return policy on a tablet computer and thought I could just go ahead and buy it. If I didn't like it, just return it. I bought 2 for both my kids.

I tried one out for 15 minutes and decided that it wasn't going to fit our needs. I took both back with a receipt. The clerk asked if I opened them. i told her just the one was opened and I put everything back like it was.

The only indication of it being opened was the sticky seal on top wasn't as smooth as it was from the store. She told me she couldn't give me my money back all she could do was exchange it. Then she accused me of opening the second one! I told her I was not aware of that policy.

No one told me about the policy, it wasn't on the receipt. The only way to see if I liked it was to open it. I will NEVER shop there again. I got an email with their return policy that states a supervisor could have returned it, but a supervisor was never called even when I asked.

BTW. Their return policy is located over the return counter. When I called customer service to complain, I kept hearing how they take electronics, games, videos, and CDs with a receipt within 45.

It was then followed by see store for details. I would rather shop Wal-Mart than Toys R Us.


Tasha is actually correct. Bluntly correct at that.

Just because you dont like to hear someone that is actually right about something does not mean you can tell them to grow up. First of all, you wrote this like your kid.

@betty - good for you, most of time, even if u complain, nothing will be done. You know why. because in all reality know one gives a ***.

Another customer will replace you. Unfortunately, you probably have never worked retail and you dont know what it is like to deal with people like you.

Hence the understanding on why they might sound rude. Because they here the same thing over and over and it gets to the point where they do not want to help you.


Tasha grow up


They are soooo rude everywhere. I have vowed not to shop there again due to an incident with a very rude manager. I did call corporate to complain, but all I know they did was send me a letter of apology

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