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i soooo regret buy the skylander because is a nonse game my son does not like it at all, when i went to toysrus to return it there where like no return on this item only exchange for the same item. How could that be possible.??they whre like because the videogame is opened..of course it has to be open in order to try it!!!!

dumb people i only want my money back because this things cost $70 not cheap at all. a boring game and i am short $70 that i cannot get back!!!!PLEASE DO NOT BY SKYLANDERS!


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I'm sure you realize that even if they let you return it that is a loss for them. Meaning, eventually, after more people like you try to cheat the system because you made a *** purchase without researching WE, the responsible consumers, have to eat inflated costs. But I'm sure that thought never crossed your mind.


Gamestop will not buy the skylanders game. Only the figures at this point.

I bought one at walmart that was exchanged already there was NO plastic on the game itself at all and its shady that they are selling the used ones for full price. But hey thats capitalism at its finest!


hahaha samibrian02 is a complete ***! of course you can't return an open game.

how do you expect them to resell it if a loser like you opened it??

next time, research the game online, rent it or borrow it from someone or buy a used copy at Gamestop and return it within 7 days just as long as you don't abuse that return policy or mess up the disc. if you ran a store, would you want people constantly returning stuff that's just going to go to waste?


Um google it before you buy it. You could have taken it to gamestop


Games cannot be bought on a "trial basis" to see if you like it. Again, it's software.

Actually Ladyface, TRU will open the game before they give it to the OP. So not only is that dishonest, it won't work.

A lot of consumers wonder why stores have such strict return policies and this is a prime example. Customers will do anything to get their way and rip off a store, even when they're dead wrong.


Yes, once software, or video game is opened, there is no refund. Do you know how many games I would have returned if that was not the case?

And I assume this is the first video game you're ever bought? Because this policy has been in effect for years.


Thank you Ladyface! good idea!

to samibrian02 Madison, Wisconsin, United States #594928

I wouldn't bother, when you exchange the open one you'll get an "exchange" receipt. This will bar you from getting a refund on software alone.

Software is not allowed to be refunded when it's open because it's so easy to copy. Same goes for DVDs and CDs.


still is ridiculous because of course you have to open the item to PLAY IT ! DUH


Let me introduce you to the year 1990 where most people know that OPEN SOFTWARE IS NOT RETURNABLE. Let me ask you: If you purchased a DVD and didn't like the movie, would you try to return it based on the grounds that you didn't like it?

The same principles apply with video games. All stores have the same policy.

You are not entitled to a refund. Once the game is opened, you're stuck with it, no matter where you bought it.

to Simon #593515

Yes. This had to be the policy with software in 1990, where once you install it, you no longer need the disc.

Skylanders is different. It is hardware and a disc. If you return the hardware (the action figure portal) you can no longer play the game, so you should be able to return it. Game Developers are trying to take advantage of this.

You are buying the game to play for its useful life, which could be a couple of years.

If the game is not good, which it is not ( my son played it twice), then this encourages game developers to get *** out there which is marketed well. Eventually word of mouth will kill a crappy game, but with good marketing, some consumers will be the losers, because of the return policy.

to Common Sense Madison, Wisconsin, United States #594931

To be honest, I think your son is in the minority on this one. My eldest 3 children rather enjoy the game, the series has made Activision over $500 Million alone from popularity, word of mouth, and the figurines.

I understand your frustration but once it is opened it IS pirateable (what stops me from buying a used portal from ebay for $20, then buying the game at walmart and copying the disc, then returning it?... This very policy.)

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