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I purchased most of my grandchildrens toys at TOYSRUS. According to all their ads you would receive a rewards certificate after Christmas.

I recently visited the store to inquiry why they had not been sent out yet. I was told to contact the rewards number on the back of my card. I called tonight and the woman told me I had received $40.00 but they expired. I said I never received them.

She said let me check your email. They had a wrong e-mail address, she admitted that I never received them. But she tried to berate me for not checking on-line. First of all these items were purchased in their store not on line.

And I never was told that I was suppossed to check email for a rebate. They already have the worst customer service on the planet and a terrible return policy. This pretty much is the last straw.

I will never purchase another item in their store.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Addison, Texas, United States #1275328

Just logged in to see if I had any rewards to redeem.. IT SAID $10 YIPPY!


I was so excited, then I clicked to redeem & it read:

Rewards coupons cannot be printed online at this time.

When the f-n time can it be redeemed.. D-U-M-B!!!!!!!


I agree...it is a scam

Texas, United States #874620

Their rewards are bogus, but return policy? Our local one will literally take anything back that will scan.


I agree. This program is a joke.

I have never been able to use any of my rewards because they expired all too quick.

I don't even bother any more. I think they just wanted to collect emails and addresses with this fake and lame reward program.


I received my reward coupons in the mail. They had expired the previous day!

I called BRU to have them reissued and was told it must have been a postal service issue and there was nothing they could do. I verified the postage date was the date before the coupons expired. I offered to scan the enveloe and send them the proof, she again gave me an empty scripted apology and said there was nothing they could do. I regret registering for my baby shower there and that my friends and family spent over 2000.00 at a place that cares nothing about retaining a loyal customer.

I don't shop there anymore.

I emailed them and explained my issue and told them they have lost a customer over this. Got a standard form letter apologizing and thanking me for being a customer!?


I will simply not bother with the program. They had some great prices on games, so I put some on layaway.

Dont care about rewards.

If I get them, great. After reading multiple posts/comments about it, I won't worry about receiving any rewards.

Seattle, Washington, United States #643239

I have a problem getting my rewards nearly every time. I have to call them and wait weeks for them to "look into it" for weeks.

They make it such a pain in the butt! I am sure TONS of people are getting screwed with this rewards program.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #589715

I have had the same experience with the rewards program two years in a row. No email, no snail mail.

When you go to the store and tell them they verify your email and say it shound be set now. So this year we were at toys r us in Novi michigan before Thanksgiving. We asked a question to one of the store employees and were quickly dismissed so they could return to the service dek to BS with the rest of the staff. This is an ongoing issue with all Toys r us locations in Metro Detroit.

So my wife and I pushed the cart to the side, walked out and ordered everything that was in our cart at Amazon. Four days later it was on my door step.

No crabby clerks, no crazy coupon policy, none of the typical toys r us stuff. People vote with your dollars, that is what will make them change their misleading and *** policies.


My mother had a similar experience!...She called three times in January to let them know she did not receive them on her email...verified the email...still did not receive them!!!!!! So she received nothing for spending hundreds of dollars!

I recently had a horrible experience with the rewards program, the employee, and the manager as well. I attempted to exchange an item and they said SORRY, it was a coupon; you didn't pay anything so you can't get anything back.

I don't WANT anything back!...I just wanted a different character...REALLY, I just spent thousands of dollars and you can't make an exchange for something I earned! I continue to read what a horrible company Toys R Us is proving to be to their customers!!!


Really,I have never had an issue with the rewards program. But unlike some people I make sure I READ the T&C so i know what i am getting myself into. It even tells you to do that on the back of the card.


I had the same problem as Beatrice did. This past December, I was purchasing items at the Toys R Us store and was told by the cashier if I signed up for their rewards program, I would have certificates mailed to me but they took approx.

8 - 12 weeks and I would also get mailed a Rewards card at the same time. I put the receipt on the refrigerator so I wouldn't forget about it. I called Toys R Us at the beginning of this month to inquire on my Rewards card and certificates and was told that during the Christmas season they only emailed the certificates vs. mailing them.

I told the agent I didn't even put an email address down as I don't give my email address out to everyone and I was told by the cashier they would be mailed and I didn't need an email address to sign up! She verified she had no email address for me in her system but said there was nothing she could do; they were emailed to everyone 4 weeks after purchases and since it's now been 10 and 1/2 weeks she could not get me new certificates! I said but they weren't emailed to me because as you just verified; I don't have an email address on file and she said she was sorry but there was nothing she could do and asked me if I would like to add my email address for future purchases and rewards?! I told her to cancel my Rewards account.

Since then, I found out this happened to 2 of my fiancee's friends as well (one did give her email address though but was still told in the store the certificates and her card would be mailed to her within 12 weeks). I called my local Toys R Us where I shopped to ask them if they would be mailed or emailed and guess what? They said they would be mailed. I asked even during the holidays and they said yes.

Guess what I got in the mail today (14 weeks after I signed up)? My rewards card but no certificates of course; I shredded the rewards card.


I think it hilarious that everyone uses the excuse "nobody told me". Is everyone suppose to hold your hand through everything.

It's free stuff.

But ignorance is bliss right? LoL

to Anonymous #877082

It isn't about being ignorant, it is about NOT getting what we are supposed to!

My email is signed up w/my account & I am not notified either.

When I have gotten stuff in the mail for sales it is always on time, but when/if my rewards come in the mail they are either expired already or about to in a day or two by the time I receive them.

It is a joke & a scam!

No whining, just telling it like it is. Nobody needs to hold our hands, but apparently we ALL need to hold TRU's hand?!


Ive been going through the same thing. I had years of rewards Ive never redeemed because I never received and called so many times frustrated and nothing was ever done.


Well in their defense they said after Christmas, they never said when after Christmas. For all you know you could receive the rewards in November.



CAn you say you are *** ing retarded. Their policy is not any different from another company.

And service is different store to store just like other companies. Coupons have been emailed for about 2 years now. And its your job to make sure your *** is up to date.

not the store or the company. You failed to do this so you are paying the consequences.

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