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I have shopped Toys R Us for years and tonight was the worst shopping experience I've ever had with this store. I've watched this store decline over the last year.

It is located on Harbison Boulevard in Columbia, SC. The store is absolutely filty and the staff have not received any customer service training -NONE! They were rude and used the excuse that they had been working around the clock, because the store has been open 24 hours. All I expect is to be treated with courtesy and that when someone opens a new lane that they take the next customer in line, instead of the one who jumps in front of others.

I would expect the clerk to ask the others if they would like to move over and if they choose not to, then take the person who jumps in front of others.

The staff said the store was dirty because of the high traffic - Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!! I made up my mind tonight, I'm taking my business to other stores like Target, a company that values quality and service!

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