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I think it is deplorable that toys r us is selling the Breaking Bad dolls. I do admit I enjoyed the series but I am 57 yrs old.

And I don't care if the dolls are meant to be in the 15+ department. Does toys r us endorse the image of a drug dealer to teen age children. Yes 15 is not an adult. Even so, a toy store should not be profiting or endorsing drug sales.

You think it's ok to sell a doll holding a bag of drugs? Crazy to even think you would even consider it let alone approve it. I am passing this on to everyone I know and encouraging them to do the same. Hopefully toys r us will eventually loose so much business they will have to close doors.

I will not ever buy another thing from your store.

Unfortunately I just did. Won't happened again.

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Funny - look at the top of this complaint page - it says "kid's stores"

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