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I'm emailing you has I'm disgusted in a multi million pound company can't teach there staff to give customers respect NOT HUMILIATE CUSTOMERS WITH A SHOP FULL OF CUSTOMERS AND THIS IS DISCUSTING


m 8 months pregnant me and my mum went to return an item to toys r us Northampton nothing wrong with the item just he had two for hrs birthday while we was there with my 1 year old I seen a fisher price item and asked the man behind the counter if it was the right price for the item THE PERSON BEHIND THE COUNTER SAID YES AND MADAM ITS IN THE FISHER PRICE 3 FOR 2 OFFER AND THE REST OF THE FISHET PRICE TOYS ARE AT THE BACK OF THE STORE SO WE PICKED IT UP AND WENT TO PICK TO MORE ITEMS AND A ITTLE TYKES GARDEN ACTIVITY CENTRE SO GOING TO SPEND £175 WITH THE OFFER MAYBE SLIGHTLY MORE IN YOUR STORE

We get to the till and I ask 3 people if the offer is differently on has it worth me getting them the 3 staff all say yes it's on I put the 3 Fisher price items through my mum's paying for the rest as a treat behind me and I said it should £65 not £ 95 the staff member said I'll get the manager to sort this out the 3 for 2 offer is still on the manager came with no respect spoke to me like I was 5 telling me the deal has came off this morning and has hrs the manager he can with draw the offer at any point that he's job raising he voice I had.the toys r us app and showed him it was still showing he told me he didn't care and he wasn't honering the offer because he didn't want to then another manger she to be shut up kept shouting it doesn't matter that there staff didn't no it was on offer and that the.member of staff who told me I could have the 3 for 2 wasn't in till 2 so might not of got them memo that the deal was off so

After getting to by one staff member was still on who showed me were to get the other items and who gave me the book

The app showing the deal was on

And 3 other staff saying.about the deal was on

Toys r us won't honour the deal discusting I've been.shouted at HUMILIATED and custom don't matter there I feel so bad how I've been treated there

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