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I was the victim of a fraudulent check being written on my checking account.

As soon as I saw the $193.93 debit from my account, I called both Chase bank and Toys R' Us. Both companies gave me a fraud investigation number.

The bank proved conclusively that this was fraud and sent me an affidavit of fraud which I sent to Toys R' Us.

Even though Toys R' Us had this information and they had their own fraud investigation going on they turned my name and account number over to a Collections Agency that in turn sent me a letter demanding payment of the $193.93 plus a $25 check fee.

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This is why banks have a "fraud" department. Once you fill out the necessary paperwork with your bank to dispute the charge as fraud.

Your bank should then call the companies financial services to advise the issue. Sounds like your bank feel short, but just placing a "hold" on the charge, thats why TRU sent it to collections.


Dear Toys R' Us:

I have spent NUMEROUS hours on the phone with your guest services associates: Shamia, LaToya and Ebony. All to no avail.

It seems no one has the time or interest to help me out.

The last person I spoke to — Shayla— told me to contact the collections agency myself.

Everyone (except Ebony) has been pretty unresponsive and uncooperative—and why would I want to waste more time by calling you back?

If you want to clear matters up, you can have someone call me at 713.465.1482.

Let's see what transpires now.

Massapequa Park, New York, United States #434288


We'd like to look into this further. Please contact for assistance. When you do, be sure to include your full name and phone number where you can best be reached, as well as a detailed description of your experience. Thank you.


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