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I originally began attempting to contact someone at Toys R Us in regard to a small issue that I have with their return policy. In that attempt I have been shown what little respect or concern Toys R Us has for its customers.

At every level, from the employees at the store I was in to the Executive Vic President and Chief Administrative Officer Deborah Derby, I have been treated as if I am just wasting everyone's time and that they wish I would just go away and leave things be. "Documenting my concerns" seems to be the only thing that anyone is willing to do. No one, at any level, is willing to listen to my concerns with their policy or why I have an issue with them.

I went through the channels set up by Toys R Us for customers to send their complaints and when that was not satisfactory, I pursued other avenues to get into contact with someone at the company that could address my concerns.

At this point, I have given up on anyone with Toys R Us caring or doing anything about my original issue, but I am not going to give up on the issue I have with how Toys R Us treats its customers.

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Ok, People.Their return policy is posted at every register.

Whether you read it or not thats your fault. On top of that. You can call, you can go online, or you could have called the corporate number and asked any question. And hate to say this, whether its TRU or another company, they are all the same.

There job is to abide by the company;s policies.If your return does not do that, then they do not have to do anything.


You have to realize these employees hear it all the time. They're tired of arguing with people like you. Policies are in place for a reason and the people you are arguing with can't change the policy anyway.

When you purchase an item from a store, you are indirectly agreeing to abide by their return policy. If you don't agree with it, don't shop there. Period.

Also, I bet you aren't sharing the details for a reason. You probably know you were wrong.

Preston Edwards

No exception was made. The part of the return policy that I have issue with did not directly affect me this time.

Again: "My issue is not so much with the fact that I believe the return policy is offensive, but with the attitude of the individuals I have spoken to within the company. They show a great attitude of contempt toward me for even suggesting that the policy should be changed."

My larger issue is not with the return policy (even though I find it offensive and believe that it should be changed) The issue I have is with the company's attitude toward me when I attempted to contact them with my concern.


They made an exception for you and you are still complaining and refuse to shop there? Why was it in their interest to listen/concede to you? By your own admission, giving you your way does nothing for them.

Since you aren't willing to explain what you were returning, why you were returning it, and which policy it broke, I'm willing to bet it is something that is an easy to understand policy.

Preston Edwards

My issue is not so much with the fact that I believe the return policy is offensive, but with the attitude of the individuals I have spoken to within the company. They show a great attitude of contempt toward me for even suggesting that the policy should be changed.

On the original policy I had issue with: I don't like it, and I won't shop there.

Also, in my case, it did not effect me directly, I managed to jump through some hoops to get my return done. And the policy was not clearly posted in the store, I only became aware of it when I attempted the return.


Maybe they are standing by their policy and you should learn that no means no. If you don't like it, don't shop there. If you follow their clearly posted return policy, you shouldn't have a problem.

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