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Okay first of toy r us sucks to pieces and sometimes they are lazy. Toy r us is *** and dumb, but also you guys don't sell the old LPS which i'm pissed about.

Plus you guys on you're little Ipads don't even have minion rush. Second my brother couldn't find a lego and you guys need lower you're prices. So look what you done. toy r us is *** and i'm sorry i don't need you're *** little things.

Thanks a lot for no more one direction dolls and no more twilight dolls.

you guys don't sell one direction stuff and you guys really need to add a austin mahone doll. Wow you rules are ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Toys R Us Doll.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Easy online shopping.

I didn't like: Customer service.



I am glad that the people deleted the comments were my daughter was bullied for her spelling and grammar. She is only nine years old.

Toys are us is dumb like she said. They ran out of all the toys she wanted. She earned that money herself selling lemonade in the summer. She did not have enough so she waited until her grandparents gave her and her twin Christmas gifts.

They both came home crying because the toys they wanted ran out. Her brother wanted Star Wars lego and they were sold out.

to Anonymous #1112362

Omd that's sad


Also they do need to lower their prices, the cost of Star Wars Lego is $79.99 for a bunch of plastic pieces that probably were made in China and cost $5 to make along with wages which would and shipping which would cost a total of $10 most. Toys are Us is making a $69 profit by ripping off nine year old's with their hard earned lemonade money.

Toys R Us - Online purchase

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Purchased a Disney Descendants had if gifted wrap through you all and taping was showing and it wasn't wrapped tight or correct no bow no card no nothing. I thought let me have them gift wrap this item thinking it'll be perfect with a bow to save time but this is something I could have done on my own for the amount I paid.

I'm so disappointed never thought Toys R US would do a thing like this. My name Priscilla Gulley I'm a reward member2100114683521

order number 3304434577 email

Product or Service Mentioned: Toys R Us Doll.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Easy online shopping.

Toys R Us - Collector edition Twilight Doll Set

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We purchased a collector doll set from Toys r us online for daughter on December 11th, 2012. We received item as promised, however item received was a mess.

Box had sticky stuff all over it, Box had clearly been opened,dolls hair was a mess and Dolls clearly had been played with and then returned. We paid 65.99 / tax/ shipping for Collector Doll Set. So I contacted customer service told them all about, they emailed me a return postage and mailed it back. They said we will make notes to make sure new one was clean and collector quality.

Received new Doll set it looked so bad, first one received was in better condition. So contacted them again on January 7th, 2013, sent back doll set again. They said we will credit your account and it will take 7-10 days. Today is February 1st, 2013 and I still have no credit.

So I called customer service and was told it will be any day.

Be very leery before ordering collector sets and waiting for credit. Just take it back to the store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Toys R Us Doll.

Monetary Loss: $66.


New York, New York, United States #629224

Your complaint is ridiculous and it's customers like you who ruin shopping for everyone. I am a fellow collector, but you have to realize that when things are being shipped, sometimes the box will get banged up and the tape will move leaving "sticky stuff." If you want a perfect dolly, get off your butt and go buy one in a store that you can see with your own eyes.

to A Fellow Figure Collector Highland Park, Texas, United States #629252

As a collector many items can not be found in stores. So out of line comment. If you were a true collector you would.know that.

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