I am so p off how can toys r us have a game that is really gambling! There are enough hard working americans loosing every possesion they worked hard for not alone their families over gambling .

I went to the game to get the coupon they promised. Maybe *** of me but first time i went to facebook to try something like this and during the game some thing appeared for me to purchase some coins for $50.00 what a bunch of BS thank G Im not much of a gambler so I dont take the bait. Why doesnt TOY R US spend their money helping addicted gamblers repair their lives.

I had a $200 dollar order I refuse to purchase from them. There are plenty other retailers I can purchase thru.

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This makes entirely no sense.


What are you talking about, dipshit?

Lexington, North Carolina, United States #595025

I speak English, but I didn't understand that post.

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