I went to return something and the lady at customer service started sniffing the clothes I was returning. I asked her why and she said " I love ur guys food but the smell is strong".

Well I am east indian born and rasied in Canada. I don't know what she is trying to imply as I probably cook more bland non east indian food than anyone else. I found her to be so rude. Tried to complain HQ took her side saying that I took it the wrong way and my clothes had an "odour".

Impossible seeing as I didn't even take the clothes out the the bag.

Will NEVER shop there. Rude racist company

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So what makes you think that they should return an item they cannot resell because another customer would return again because it was used?? Associate should not have commented like that but at least given a credit instead... Since they will lose money on item


"I love ur guys food but the smell is strong". This is not a racist statement, it's an stereotype, and an ignorant, uninformed one at that.

"I love ur guys food but the smell is terrible!" would be a racist statement. know what you're talking about and learn the difference between stereotyping and racism before you talk, or just dont talk. racisim is implying another race is better or worse than another, mostly for a superficial ridiculously ignorant reason.

That first statement does NEITHER.


One person's attitude should not affect your view of the whole company.

New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada #653200

I cant believe they would do that-that is so racist if this has happened. I cant believe racism still exists out there.

Dont take it personally.

Obviously the employee is narrow minded and needs help. Probably white trash.

These comments are a personal opinion reflected on the original post.

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i know a tiffiani duke is racist i was there it happen to me in time sq new york

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