Will never shop there again, online or in store. If someone gives my kids a gift card, I'll give it back to them.

I had a layaway since October, paid in full early, got the wrong order, call and was told 6 of the 12 items were out of stock, they would reship what was left and would she go ahead and issue a refund for the remaining out of stock items, I had little choice to agree. Received 5 of the 6 items left in stock, never got my money back for remaining items and as a real kick in the teeth, 2 days later they were back in stock online. It's fraud what they are doing.

Taking money, not providing the product and either giving people the money back in gift cards or not giving the money back at all. I'm wondering if they're filing bankruptcy and that's why they're grabbing as much cash as possible.oh I forgot to mention the countless hours i spent on hold to be hung up on, 89 minutes Xmas eve, real classy

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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While I completely understand being angry, and I too no longer shop at toys r us, I have to say that if I gave someone's child a gift card as a gift and they gave it back to me because they didn't like the store, I guarantee that would be the last time I bought them any kind of gift for any occasion. That's just rude.

Greene, New York, United States #924554

same thing has happened to me. I made a purchase on 10/7, they shipped the wrong item, after several weeks, I shipped the original back as they promised to send the correct item right away.

On the 5th of November, I got an email that they did not actually have the item and would be issuing a refund.

I am still waiting and calling - I too have been hung up on three times and get conflicting statements constantly.

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