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Toys R Us, Said on TV."Wednesday all day for one day 50% off Don't miss it".

Well I, and I heard other angry customers around me. Every item in my carriage,which was 12 items.Was not 50% off not one item, I never heard such angry people,over the same thing.

why isin't this 50% off.

That's the only reason I went there.So I left everything in the carriage,And walked out if I could turn myself into 30 people. I would have picked all day!And advice,Wal-Mart is the cheapest store.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #173814

You and all those other people should have shopped with your parents. That way they could have told you that the 50 percent off was for certain items and explained things to you in a way that eight year olds such as yourselves could understand. That way you would not get angry and start to cry when the toys you wanted were not 50 percent off meaining you could only buy half the stuff with your allowence your parents gave you.


I apoligize that you can't afford a hearing aid or glasses because you are blind and def. The commercial says some items are 50% off.

How can the entire store be 50% off think about it. The deals on Black Friday aren't even that good.

People lie im glad you enjoy shopping at TRU. I work at one and im glad we don't have customers like this here.


I have had nothing but great experiences at Babies R Us and Toys R Us. So when I hear people complain about the service, my first thought is, did you speak with a tone?

Did you belittle someone? Did you walk in all demanding! Is this user error and somehow it's everyone else fault but your own? Im tired of people complaining about how everyone else in the world doesn't cater to them.

Where do you get this self-entitlement from? If the service is that bad! Go to Wal-mart or Target! Good luck if you can find anyone there that can tell you how to use all the functions for your items.

Please! Before you go posting complaints, read the print in front of your face


I don't remember anything about us saying EVERY ITEM in the store is 50% was SELECTED ITEMS sweetie(:


it was selected items only in store read fine print not everything in store!

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