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Manager: Brandy

Sales rep: Jacquline

I ordered an item online & received an email confirmation my order was ready. After being in traffic over an hour I arrived to find out the store location never had the item. The entire item was scanned incorrectly. Now I completely understand it wasn't the reps fault however they were completely unapologetic & showed no type of empathy for the situation. So not only am I out of $54.74 for the holiday season, I am also out of the toy my kids are expecting for Christmas. The rep informed me my refund will reflect in 2 hours and the manager advised possibly 3 business days. My experience today was terrible and unsatisfactory. With that being said I will never shop at Toys R Us or Babies R Us ever again. I am a supervisor in customer service & I am appalled at how I was treated today.

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Same feelings toward customer service as you! They never once said, "Sorry, we messed up." They kept me on the phone forever only to tell me to ship the item back to them!


I am very sorry to hear that I work at toysrus and I am very tired of how my customers are treated constant verbal abuse towards my customers managers sitting on there high horse treating you guys with such disrelect I am looking for a different job I am very tired of toysrus


The same exact thing just happened to me I just made it home from the toys r us in Memphis Tennessee and my order has been misplaced or they never got it in although I received confirmation it was ready for pick up

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