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If you are shopping at Toys R Us there is something to watch for besides their high prices- misleading (I daresay intentionally misleading) "free" with purchase signs. This is regarding their Nerf products.

The sign said "Free Bandolier kit with purchase of A/B/C guns". In the same display they also had a type C gun that already had a kit inside the packing. This was not included with promotion(though nothing on their signs said "X gun not included"), and the packaging was not exactly obvious. I was looking more at the names on the packages than the details where on the side it had the "bonus" kit listed on the box.

I paid for everything, went home, and thought "gee, that seemed kind of pricey when that kit should have been free". That is when I saw they charged me for it. I had to drive all the way back, and they didn't even apologize for their misleading signs and product placement. I rarely shop there because it is so pricey and their service is so poor.

Needless to say I returned the "free bonus bandolier" and will not be shopping there again. Waste of my time and gas, and no apology- what a joke.

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It was the correct gun listed in the promotion- perhaps you don't know how to read.


If the sign says only guns A/B/C are included in the promotion, why would they put that gun X is not included. There's nothing misleading about that, you just don't know how to read a sign. Simple logic.

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