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For Christmas my children each received gift cards from family and friends.....even before Christmas i had been searching for a Nintendo DS....since then I have not been able to get a DS in my area and its now February....I want my money back on the gift cards.....the funny thing about this story is I am able to go to the corner drug store and purchase a DS but can't find one at a toys store????? There is something wrong with that picture.

Shoppers Drug Mart carries Nintendo DS and Toys R Us doesn't??? I will be sure to never shop there again as well as telling all my family and friends about the customer service I received that sent me running in circles

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Yeah, honestly. Our stores get only a small amount of units shipped to each store from Nintendo, especially when the item is in high demand.

Try GameStop, ***.


this is your great problem in life? Grow up. Toys R Us isn't an electronics store, which is where video games tend to be distributed.

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