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Monday I ordered two Lego sets online at They had a promotion of buy one get one 50% off with free shipping if your order was over a certain amount.

AFTER I placed the order I received a message that one item was unavailable, and I was charged full price for the second item, plus shipping. I was not given the option to change or cancel my order. I called their customer services number and waited 5 hours and 49 minutes (I'm on a tight budget - every dollar counts and I wouldn't even have ordered from TRU if not for the promotion and the free shipping.) but I never got to speak to a rep. So eventually I had to hang up - thank goodness for all those rollover minutes I have.

I sent them an email but got no reply. The next morning I called again, and after 10 minutes got to speak to a rep who told me "I'll see if I can try to help you." She could not cancel the order at this stage of processing, but I could return it for a refund, minus the shipping charges. That is unacceptable to me. She said there was nothing she could do but she would transfer me to a "universal specialist" who might be able to help me.

I sat on hold for another 10 minutes and gave up. I am writing to the CEO of the company. I will return the item to a store and be out the shipping charges. Money wasted.

Then I will purchase it anywhere else. I will never be doing business with Toys R Us again.

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Today I had an email from Toys R Us - it was a survey on how well they are doing. What a joke! They still have not shipped my item, but have charged my bank account, and I have not had a response from the email I sent them Monday.


Almost identical experience for me. I was buying a power wheels on sale for store pickup,, and also included some Legos to take advantage of the 50% deal.

The store 19 miles away that supposedly had the powerwheels vehicle inexplicably cancelled after the order. Now I'm stuck with a full price legos being shipped, and a discounted LEGOS that there is no way I'm driving 19 miles for.

Meanwhile Toys R Us STILL has my Power Wheels money, and has given no explanation on what the problem is. They have not responded to emails and the wait time on their 800 number is unacceptable.

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