I purchased a table and chair set on-line for my daughter for Christmas and on Christmas day when she opened it the table was broken. I tried to return it the day after Christmas with the confirmation order print out that toysrus emailed me with the item and box it came in and ToysRUs refused to return it because the box was opened.

I decided to go to another ToyRus and they refused because the return shipment label was not in the box. I contacted customer service and they stated there is nothing they can do its mine to keep. I also purchased a Fureal Pony for my daughter that was broken this alone I will never shop at ToysRus they have no working items but for this item I did not have my receipt I just wanted to exchange it and I used my rewards card which I was told could be used to track the sale but no in the end I am stuck with $300 with junk from ToyRUs on Christmas.

HAD THE ITEMS WORKED I WOULDNT HAVE BEEN DOING A RETURN. No other store has ever treated me so bad.

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toys r sucks sent me the wrong item than sent 10 emails no answer wtf am i ti di they want you to pay shipping 2 ways *** you toyrsucks never again


I had the same experience. I bought a crane, the "hoist up" function didn't work.

and the remote had obvious scratch marks where the previous purchaser had tried to seen what was going on. And then i found a hand written phone number inside the box. They had taken a prior return, taped it up and put it on the shelves. Scumfuckers.

I traded 20+ emails with customers service. It was surreal. They'd write to me, out of the blue, and say "We're working on it, we;ll contact you in 3 days" and then not followup. Multiple times.

It was insane. More like IdiotsRUS


I tried to return a broken item with a receipt and was told that it couldn't be returned because the box had been opened. Since I don't really know how I would know if an item is broken until after I open the box and see that the item is broken, I guess that it would be best for me not to make any additional purchases from Toy R Us in the future.

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