Toys R Us online scam - cxld order next day items back to normal price

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I ordered two, $200 lego sets the day before cyber Monday. The sets were available, and on sale buy 1 get 1 50% off.

I completed my order, and paid with paypal. Paypal has never been a problem for me to use, and I feel safer using it rather than my debit/check card, which is less secure than a CC, IMHO. Toyrus confirmed the order and sent a confirmation email. Less than 24 hrs later, ToysRus sends me another email, cancelled my order, stating there was difficulty processing my paypal payment.

My paypal funds come directly out of my back in an instant payment. I contacted paypal, and they said the problem was on the toys r us end of things.

ToysRus sent me another email saying I would have to reorder, and by now, one of the sets was not available, they were both normal price and the only deal going on was free shipping. I sent an email, asking them to reinstate it, and they said customer service would contact me (of course I haven't heard from them)...scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Toys R Us Shipping Service.

Toys R Us - Horrible returns


My son received a duplicate Little Tykes Basketball Hoop. I tried to get a store credit but was rejected because I didn't have a receipt.

Since my sister in law purchase item online, she thought she deleted her emails. Now 2 and 1/2 months later, my sister in law found her email confirmation receipt. I printed the receipt and took to the store. They tried to punch some # into the register but it didn't take so now they want the packing slip.

It didn't have a packing slip. It was just the big LT box with UPS shipping label adhered to the box.

I'm so frustrated that I've been to the store two times and got no results. I had $70 worth of merchandise that I left on the counter and swear I'll never shop at Toys R Us again because of their poor customer service and return policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Toys R Us Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $25.



Ok i hope all of you retarded people read this. (If you can read that is).

How much did you pay for the item your trying to return. Toys R Us has no idea how much you paid. Did you use a coupon. Was it buy one get one free.

Was that item the free one and now your trying to get money back for nothing.

Please keep your receipts and get gift receipts. If you can't do that then quit *** and deal with it.


Thats so frustrating. I have had the same issue, bought an item and couldn't find the *** receipt.

When I went in they wouldn't give me store credit or anything, even though the item I bought was a ToysRUS brand item and couldn't have been bought anywhere else! I stood there in line arguing with the girl (I mean come on, I work retail too, and I know that in cases like that you can bend the rules. There are always exceptions, at least at my store! Customers' experiences are number one priority) and FINALLY after arguing with her (and not yelling or cursing, I may add) she gave me a gift card.

Not without many glares and throwing the gift card at me at the end, mind you. But at least I got my money back.


They have the worst return policy.My mom bought my son a spiderman motorcycle which was small for him.I took it back to the store and tried to exchange it for something else but since I din't have the receipt they couldn't do anything. No store credit,no exchange nothing.The girl in customer service was very well trainned to tell customer that there is nothing they could do.I know for sure that I will not shop there ever again.I hate poor customer service and their employees are very well trainned to provide us with it. Don't shop there