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My 3 year old was booked into Umhlanga hospital with bronco pneumonia, my husband went to toys r us in gateway to buy my baby a juice bottle to use in hospital because we had forgotten his one at home. He had also purchased toys for my baby.

On returning to the hospital, I opened the bottle to fill with water and it was leaking. I sent my 15yr old son across to exchange the bottle. He spoke to the sales lady Brenda. My son asked for the second bottle to be tested in store, that one also leaked.

Brenda insisted that if a baby does not know how to use a bottle then he must be RETARDED. My son then left the store without Brenda refunding the defected bottle. My son came back to the hospital and told me what happened. I then called the store and spoke to the manager.

She spoke to Brenda who admitted to saying that to my son. All I got was my money returned to me in the hospital because they did not have any other reasonably priced bottles and if I really wanted one then I must buy a much more expensive one. I would rather spend my money in a store that does not label my child as they see fit without even knowing who he is. As for their customer service, I must says is pathetic.

I guess their policy is that if a child does not know how to play with a toy or use a bottle, then they must be retarded. Brenda needs to realize that retarded children are kids with special needs, they are not a disease but it is obvious the staff of  toys r us does not care.

I always thought customer satisfaction came first and making profit would be a very good by product of that, I guess I was wrong!!! This store knows who I am, they do have my details.

Review about: Toys R Us Customer Care.

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how dare you insult me i am not a retard and i can hold a bottle the right way round just because im a redneck you anus farter


bottles are bottles they are what they are. homework


too right not a retard


try not to hold the bottle upsidedown :cry :cry :cry

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