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I called the Toys R Us store back the next day and spoke with the store manager and was offered 50 percent off the price of a Lego and a $50 gift card. I informed Mark, the store manager, that this was not enough.

He then informed me that $100 gift card was the most he could do at the store level. I then told Mark that we also wanted an apology, which he stated he was willing to do.

After speaking with my husband, he informed me that he still didn't believe this was enough and that he called Mark and Mark asked him what we wanted. I decided to go to the store because my son just wanted the Legos.

When I arrived, Mark offered an apology to my son, discounted the Legos, and gave me $100 gift card. He ignored the fact that my husband requested bigger concession to the mistreatment we experienced.

I have yet to receive a call from the District Manager.

If I wouldn't have called the Toys R Us store, I wonder if anyone would have called me.

I would like to speak with someone higher in this company.

Original review posted by user Dec 29, 2015

My eight year old woke up this morning excited to spend the Toys R Us gift cards he received for Christmas. We headed to the Toys R Us in the Castleton area of Indianapolis and upon arrival, my son found five Lego sets to purchase so we headed to the register.

The cashier attempted to scan the items, but the system read that the items could not be sold until 1/1/2016. The cashier called the manager over, an African American female, who told us that the items could not be sold and took the items away. I immediately looked up the number to the corporate office and called them. During this time, a couple behind us was experiencing the same treatment ,about the same thing, from the same manager.

The male took out his cell phone and started to record the manager, who stated, " I don't want to deal with upset customers". The male then stated that he planned to post the manager's behavior to You Tube.

All the while, I am still on hold with the corporate office. Also during this time a white male appeared who the African American female stated was her manager.

He said that there was nothing that they could do but that he was willing to hold the items until January 1st. I informed him that I couldn't even tell him which items to hold because she took the items away and cleared all of them off of the shelf. He did nothing to find out which items I was even referring to. I kept holding for the corporate office, but turned to my son and asked him if there was anything else he would like.

My husband said they would go look around. At this time, one of the managers from the corporate office answered my call. I began to explain the situation and he asked me to provide him with the UPC codes for the items. I went back to the Lego aisle to retrieve this information when I noticed that my husband was ringing my other line.

I asked the manager to hold and took my husband's call. He proceeded to tell me that I needed to come to the front of the store. When I got to the front, my husband and son were standing with two male police officers and I was told that we needed to leave the premises. All of this was happening while I was on the phone with the corporate office.

I turned to one of the officers and told them that we didn't do anything and that I was on the line with the corporate office. The officer said, "well they want you to leave their premises". My husband and I, with my eight year son in tears, left the store feeling dejected and wronged. We did not do anything to deserve this.

Since when is it against the law to ask for answers as to why items stocked on several shelves with prices and UPC numbers can't be sold. Are retailers so confident to believe that this type of treatment is acceptable in front of children? My son now believes that we are bad for demanding to be treated fairly. It didn't help that another couple stated they had purchased the same items we wanted a day before.

When I told the manager this she replied, " well all of them are not reading the same date". Does this matter? Why were the items sold to a Caucasian couple but to me and my African American family. As a Dean of a college and upstanding citizen, unwarranted treatment rocks me at the core.

The cops weren't called on the couple that recorded the manager via cell phone. Is this because the complaining female was Caucasian?

Does Toys R Us decide which complaints are more worthy based on the color of our skin? It appears that they are and that if you are African American and complain, they will call the police on you.

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