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Toys R Us is systematically ripping off its customers. They tried to deduct my gift card from a return even though I had made more than the $75 purchase in order to receive said gift card.

They can pretty much kiss my a$$ as I will never spend a cent there in my entire life.

I asked for a reply from them but they completely ignored me and didn't bother to even respond to my blog....or to return the phone call that I placed into corporate. They are a terrible store.

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Roy, Washington, United States #603969

I purchased a Nintendo WII for my nieces and found out that they already had one...My sister attempted to exchange the WII in the first 45 days and the refused. I made an attempt at Puyallup,

WA. store but I was refused as well...Corporate is now telling me that I am out of luck...Will NOT shop there again...Wal-Mart and Target has never treated me in this manner...I will take my business there...


Toys R Us has the worst customer service I have experienced. I waited for 45minutes to exchange a toy while 3 staff members stood at the customer service desk doing nothing but ushering the customers to a extremely busy check out line. I am very I satisfied with the Langhorne Pa store


Agree with Toys R Us and Unfair Practices. Their rewards, ads, and offers are all games to generate interest with little to no reward.

Dealing with today an offer for a $30 gift card when purchasing a Nintendo 3DS. You cannot get the gift card offer on-line and the store cannot order the item we want or take the order over the phone. My wife and I try to be loyal consumers, but always feel that we get the shaft from Toys R Us. Would encourage others to give a shout as well.

Toys R Us, if you are monitoring comments.

Give good deals and quit the ridiculous games for us adults. Save the games for the kids.

Mad Doc




Sounds like "buy the item, receive a gift card, return the item." Who's ripping off whom? Please explain.

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