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I was in the Pleasant Hill, CA store a couple weeks ago. I walked in and looked around for a few minutes.

I was looking at the toy guitars since my nephews birthday is coming up. Well I was moving the guitars around and behind them was an action figure. It looked like somebody hid it there. Anyways I started to pick it up and a guy walks up to me and asks me "Is there something I can help you with?".

I was a little startled because I didn't see him next to me. I told him "no thanks". I decided to buy my nephew something else and I noticed that this guy kept following me around the store. He was being pretty bold and watching me in plain view.

I decided to buy my nephew a "Ninja Turtle" and started waiting in line. This guy says really loud to me "the line is open over here, you seem pretty self sufficient though". He said it rude and sarcastic so I told him to back off me. He said something else to me that was rude.

I asked the employee at the register who this clown was and he told me he is the manager. He told me the guy is a ***.and he is rude to everyone. I'm a pretty laid back guy but this douche deserves a big slap in the head. I went back last week and he was there again of course, he was smirking at me.

I thought to myself "dont be mad at me because your life sucks". Bottom line is, I shop at Toys R Us a lot. I buy lots of Lego's and figures for my nephew. I feel I was unfairly discriminated against and I am white.

I say that because it happens to everyone. Everyone has bad days but as a manager, you get paid for your ability to handle situations and also to use common sense.

Here I am a paying customer and I did nothing wrong but was harassed by the manager of the store. Pretty lame indeed.

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