A lot of us make baby registries when we're expecting, wedding registries when we're getting married, etc. My husband and I are expecting our first child this June 2012.

We have received numerous gifts for the baby, one of which is a baby swing we wanted. When received, we took it out to put together to make sure it was ok. Well it wasn't. Only of the legs that's suppose to click open for balance of the swing is broken.

We called right away to reschedule a new one delivered to our house. The lady on the other end was so ***, and clueless. She said, well can't you come to a toys r us and exchange it yourself? Um no,with the nearest one being about 3 hours away, no we can't and we're not going to.

She then continued to babble on about us having to pay for redelivery, and to top it off, we had to wait a week until they could arrange the company to pick it up from our house, then deliver the new one god knows when. Well, me not being the sweetest person when someone is so ***, I ripped her a new one. Finally, they have arranged for free next day pick up, and next day delivery for us.

As much as toys r us has nice things, I am sure you could find better quality somewhere else. We will not be shopping there again.

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I have to ask.. At your job do you know every job function?

Can you solve every problem every person has?? Most of these people are part time associates that only work a few days a week, and may not know.

While there are knowledgable people that can help you do not take this out on some poor girl that happened to pick up the phone and attempt to fix your problem. It is not the stores fault you live so far away, and it is certainly not hers.


WIth you on that one Simon. It is not the stores responsibility to send you something because you live 3 hours away.

You could have contacted the Manufacture.

You know, those people that actually make the product. hmmm


They gave you your way after anyone else would've just hung up on you and you're still not going to shop there? They should've just told you to deal with it yourself.

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