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The checker offered us a warranty on a motorized vehicle, saying it was good for parts and labor; if the toy was broken or demolished, it would be covered. For 7 months our child's toy has not worked.

We called, and the man made a guess at what was wrong and sent us a part to install ourselves. It took months to arrive, and then it still didn't work. He made another guess and sent another part; still didn't work. Made a third guess; part is on back-order with no guess as to when it will arrive.

Don't even know if this part will fix the toy. Still can't play with the $300-toy. We asked for a replacement toy and were told that it will be replaced ONLY if the same part breaks 4 times. Otherwise, we are stuck.

There is no labor--you do it yourself. As for parts, they can't even figure out which part is broken. If they had been honest enough to tell us that there is no replacement or labor and that the same part has to break 4 times, I would never have invested $50 for the so-called warranty.

Noboby at Toys R Us cares; all they care about is money.

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Read your brochure. All the details are in there.

And yes they do labor it depending on where you live. I live in hawaii and they offer service through a certified power wheels bike shop. On top of that. You have to go through most manufactures anyways.

Even through NEW, they have to contact the manufacture for the replacement part and no matter what you or NEW does, the manufacture takes forever to send out the part. That is how life is. There job is to try and fix the issue as best as they can through the policy.

Take time to compare these with other companies and you will find out that Toys R Us has one of the better service plans compared to others out there. Not saying its number 1 but its there.


The Buyer Protection plan brochure is extremely deceiving. You're right, there is no specific procedure or coverage details for your power wheels.

Then again, you took the "word" of a cashier. Cashiers are "trained" to ask you to make a spot decision on what they say. It'a all heresay and usually nonsense, though. Since the warranty company, NEW, has acted on it more than once - you don't have much recourse.

Outside pressure works better - email your local network or Action News reporter with this info. It'll get them moving.

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