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Like so many others, I too am frustrated with ToysRUs for yet another false and misleading advertisement. I'm in the market and plan to purchase an Amazon Kindle HD for several people on my holiday shopping list.

I received a ToySRUs flyer in my Sunday newspaper advertising 2-days only (Sunday 12/9/12 and Monday 12/10/12) Kindle Fire HD for $159, which is a great price considering they retail for $199 everywhere else. During the promotion period, I called around to the local ToySRUS, but was told they were sold out of the Kindles. I called the ToysRUs in Salem NH and was told they had a quantity of 12 on-hand. Before I made the 60 mile round trip to Salem NH from MA, I asked the ToysRUs sales associate to confirm for me that the Kindles for $159 are the HD models with 16 GB memory and not the standard LCD display with 8 GB memory.

I was assured by the ToySRUs sales associate that the Kindles advertised for $159 are in deed the HD models with 16 GB memory, so I immediately hopped in my vehicle and drove to the ToysRUs in Salem NH. As I made my way to the area of store where the Kindles are sold and approached the glass case where they were under lock and key, I noticed a makeshift sign on the display case citing an error that appeared in the flyer where the Kindle advertised for $159 is the standard display 8 GB mode, NOT the HD. Had I not been misinformed by the sales associate, I could have saved an hour of time and travel. Given that the standard Kindle Fire is available for $159 everywhere, including on, I see zero reason to buy one at ToysRUs.

I believe the error was an intentional loss leader by ToySRUs to drive business into their flailing brick and mortar stores.

Given the frequency of these sort of incidents with ToysRUs, which are well-documented on Pissed Consumer and other consumer websites, misleading the consumer hs become a common occurrence for ToysRUs, and there seem to be little or no action taken by the Federal Trade Commission or State Attorney General for their illegal advertising activities. As a result of ToysRUs' deceptive advertising practices, I pledge to not shop at ToysRUs EVER again, in this lifetime or the next.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #663140

I too saw this advertisement but remembered that best buy matches competitors pricing so I brought the ad there anf got one for each of my daughters who love it!


I had the same experience. I went to Toys R us to pick up a kindle hd 7".

When I got there a sign was posted that ad was wrong and they are not selling for $159! I asked for the manager and was told there was none available! I said I would wait and all of the sudden there was one at customer service. I told her I want the product for $159 as advertised.

She said unfortunately we do not have to honor that ad! I spoke loudly that that was false advertising. She said " no it isn't." I asked for her superior and she gave me a 1 800 number which I called and got put on never ending hold. I wrote a nice long e mail telling them how I feel and that they owe me a $50 gift certificate, $40 for the Kindle and $10 gas.

One more thing, they actually told me to take their error ad to Walmart for a price match!

Walmart does not carry Kindle. I should call Walmart and inform them of this.

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