I recently started to notice that every time I went into the toys r us in my area the employees would get on their walkie talkies and at first I didn't think much of it. Today however I went in with my daughter and there was a regular employee I have seen in the past outside the store with a dolly he had just helped someone else load something into their car.

He looked at me and then went inside the store I was a few feet away from him and he pointed at me to the customer service girl. I went up to him and asked why he was pointing at me and at first he denied it and then when I told him I was not blind and had seen him he said nothing.

The girl at the counter said they suspected me of being a shoplifter. WTF I was surprised and asked for the guys name and their corporate info, she only gave me their *** 1-800 TOYS R US #.

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I absolutely disagree with the first comment. I have worked in retail, and it is not thankless.

It is only thankless if you suck at your job. Yes there are some terrible customers that fly off the handle and when it is impossible to calm them down then yes it's understandable that an employee would be rude back. Those situations are supposed to be few and far in between. What you are describing is that you are unable to handle the job, part of which is dealing with customers.

In that case employees like that should just quit or be fired, they obviously can't handle it.

You say to the employee it's just a job, well, to the customer it's just a store, and their money is what keeps you in business. The sad thing is despite toys r us obvious FAIL at customer service, they will probably never go out of business because they have a strong hold on the market and not much competition.


I used to work in retail, and let me tell you something... When you are rude to employees, they talk about you and remember you, so the next time someone sees your face, they warn the others about the Shopzilla that just came back.

Talk politely, and understand that to them, it is just a job/paycheck. Retail is a thankless job, so don't expect red carpets and foot massages when you ask for some help.


:( I am customer that is very frustated with the gateway toys r us.I had a registry which almost everything on the registry was purchase. I purchased more than two thousand dollars in one month.

I just want to make my point accross that i am a loyal customer. I wanted to purchase 7 dolls they were monster high dolls. The week before I had purchased 4 monster high at 27.99 each. When I got to the register the girl at the register said let me get a price we sold one yesterday and they were 21.99 when she approached the manager to get the price the manager yelled across the aisle no price no sale.

I asked why are they on the shelves if they are not for sale. I received no answer another girl on the register said it must be a promotion. I then approached customer service. I asked can I put them on layaway until you price them or can I pick them up when they have a price.

Customer service told me they couldnt do anything for me, and to come back on wednesday. My nieces were waiting for the dolls. I proceeded to describe the dolls that toy r us had to my nieces, and they were so excited they told me what dolls to pick. I then told them I had the dolls, but I could not purchase them the girls were so upset and disapointed.

I feel like i let them down.I went back on wednesday. Of course the dolls were not there. My nieces were devastated they've been collecting these dolls since they've out. now how do i explain to 4 crying girls ages 5,7,8,11 we couldn't get the dolls anywhere.

Toys r us had them , but they did not want to sell them to me.

Toy r us gave me a receipt with a survey. I complained on that survey and there was no response, nor an apology.

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