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On the morning of October 8th, 2013 at 10am local time (store's opening) of the location in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada, the staff did not have an item ready for a sale advertised in the local newspaper (Monster High earbuds with purchase of '13 Wishes' video' - Coming Tuesday Oct 8th, WHILE THEY LAST). There were 5 of us waiting in line at the opening just for that item and they did not have ANY ready. I voiced my displeasure with the employee at the electronics section and he literally told me (with an attitude) to 'go buy it at Walmart'. Upset, I went to see the manager, who did not want to help me at first because of the tone of my voice (being already very upset at the situation). After going to see the employee at electronics (and seeing the 4 others waiting in line for the same item), she told me that she could do nothing because they were not ready. I told her, angrily, that it was not acceptable since there were 5 of us waiting since before 10am for this item, and that they should have prepared them in advance if they are going to advertise them and state 'while supplies last'. (We customers have better things to do than to wait around for a store to open just to be told that the items advertised 'while supplies last' are simply 'not ready'.) I told her to have her employee get them ready ASAP.

Angry at me, the store manager then proceeded to call Security (since I was quite upset that I waisted my time at this point), and I left telling her that they have terrible customer service.

Incidentally, the worker's attitude at the electronic section matched his appearance - he had several tattoos and piercings and large plastic earrings INSIDE his ear lobs... a very nice image to convey at a children's toy store.

I was very upset with the lack of organization and poor service at this Toys R Us location, they are quite unprofessional! I think it reflects poorly on the Toys R Us franchise as a whole.

Review about: Toys R Us Manager.

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You had to have security called on you at a toy store? Awesome.

You need to grow up. Life isn't always perfect, but that doesn't mean you have to make an *** out of yourself.

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